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_CODED// A1_SC [Artifact I: SIGHT CHARM]


The Sight Charm is a bit different than other _Coded creations. Ultimately, I wanted a “mascot” of sorts for the brand. This specifically is a type of non-object—something that exists wholly as a symbol rather than as a functional item. Attach this to a backpack or a keychain and get reminded of it every time you glance over. . The eye is something sentimental. The Sight Charm represents that what’s seen is not necessarily reality. This is true whether we’re talking about sewing kits inside Danish cookie tins or with people and how they are with you versus away from you. This is an unfortunate truth but something that we must be reminded of from time to time. However, the reverse is also true, hence the eyelid on the charm. With the eyelid closed, this represents you shutting yourself off from others. Perhaps not the most upbeat of items, but the Sight Charm is an emotional anchor and less a “functional” or “fashionable” piece. . The obvious question, of course, is “why a felted eyeball?” In my day job, I work with kids who enjoy communicating ,and interacting with hand puppets. The eyeball is a fun and sellable extension of this aspect of my work. These are made by an artist that I found enjoyable. All the Sight Charms are made by upcycled and felted wool. Therefore, each charm is slightly different, despite matching the black with green colorway. . In collaboration with @myfriendmonster. Check her work out for other eco-friendly and whimsical felted creatures.

All products are handmade and

experimental. All imperfections are



  • It's suppose to be fun

  • Symbolic

  • Cute Ugly Key Chain


Up-cycled wool

Designed by: Terry from my friend monster with Chrisjsw

Sewn by: Terry and masked / labeled by Chrisjsw

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