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The _Coded Incognito Hat takes a tulip-style bucket hat, reimagined to the brand's vision.  Here, we combined practicality, functionality, and versatility.  We also want to provide a product to those with larger heads or longer hair.

Materially, the hat is made from Japanese denim that should work for all seasons and climates.   One panel is made of a mesh fabric so you can remain cool, even in warmer weather.  However, as we mentioned prior with versatility, the Incognito Hat also features a semi-locking zipper bisecting the mesh panel allowing you to "close" the hat some, tightening it, or simply to shut off the mesh "window."  


Design-wise, we also intend the wearer to wear the hat "backwards" creating a veil that covers the wearer's eyes.  This can work either as a way to cut out some sun, or as the name suggests, to hide your face from the public.  Due to the soft materials used to create this product, the Incognito Hat can easily be collapsed, rolled up, and stowed away when not in use.

The Incognito Hat also includes a long paracord sling, either wear across the shoulder, or to simply prevent the hat from blowing away in the wind while you're wearing it.  The hat also has a tightening toggle to adjust the fit of the cord according to your wishes.  For fun, we also included a titanium bottle opener.


  • 100% Cotton

  • 14oz Denim

  • Weight: 3.5oz


  • Polyester 98%

  • Elastane  2%


  • Black/Charcoal


   Number Sizing:  in cm

  •     sz 1 49-56cm

  •     sz 2 56-63cm



The hat is adjustable and can be worn in a variety of manners based on the wearer's head shape/how the hat is adjusted/how the hat is styled and these will change the overall look of it.

There is no true standard size.  If you want a shorter brim or longer brim than your standard size, feel free to size up or size down, under your own discretion


  • Size Adjustment Compression

  • Toggle Adjustment for Stability

  • Compressible and Packable

  • Incognito Mode: Backwards Veil

  • Shoulder Carry if Needed

  • Micro Titanium Bottle Opener

  • Raw Edge Finishing


  • A chemical scent may be present due to the dyeing process

  • The raw hems will fray based on the hat's wear and any environmental challenges it is subjected to.

Designed & Sewn by: Chrisjsw

Release: 10/21/2022

Price: 260 USD