All order and shipment are shipped USPS PRIORITY or Express Mail Service ( if chosen ) to ensure "custom" tracking is available

order may or may not take longer than 14 business days  up to 30 business days destination may vary due to COVID- 19. Please refer to

for addition information, charges, insurance, tracking. I will refund you the difference if you overpaid shipping.


Due to COVID- 19 some locations in the world is putting all shipment coming from USPS on hold. If this applies to you I will automatically ship them by UPS. Prices for international shipping had also significantly went up I will refund any charges back if there is any left overs. I can provide a copy of the label if requested.

All shipping charges and fee are labeled through third party payment under _CODED/ underscorecoded/ chrisjsw is not responsible for any error and inconvenience of tracking/ shipping label embed errors within the code of it's  process.

Once your item is shipped and carried out to the carrier, (USPS) _CODED/ underscorecoded/ chrisjsw is not responsible if the order made by the individual who order from this site ( is lost, stolen or delayed.

Custom Fee

By completing your transaction from this site and order the individual is responsible for any custom fee charged when arriving to it's destination. _CODED/ underscorecoded/ chrisjsw is not responsible ( I got you _ )


USA: track-able
INTERNATIONAL: receives custom code may or may not be track-able after it leaves the US ( track-able may vary )



There are no return for any product purchased unless contacted and under the discretion of _CODED/ underscorecoded/ chrisjsw


Please contact me if the item you received has a huge error that i may have over looked ( It does happen )


There is a possibility that a refund will be given based on the amount unused when shipping the product to it's destination. USPS and UPS  shipping charge may vary base destination of the shipment.