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The Rig challenges the conventional design of messenger bags with a focus on space and compartmentalization in harmony with human interaction. Modular and transformative, space is adaptable dependent on object occupancy.


Compartments are divided -- a state of multi-dimensional space without intersection -- enabling methodical user organization, while its expansive fold-out design provides new storage possibilities.

All products are handmade and

experimental. All imperfections are


Designed by : Chrisjsw

Sewn by : Chrisjsw


Construction time: 22hrs / Bag






Front Face:       

                       2 vert dual row molle rail                           1.5L x  2 slot compartment


Frontal Back:       

            3L     1 large compartment

                     2 duel row molle rail 

Back Frontal:       

             8L    1 xlarge slot compartment

                     2 vert dual row molle rail 

             1L    2 vert slot pocket 

Back Face:       

                     cool max 3D mesh

                     single row molle rail

Bottom Face:

                      duel row molle rail
















80N / 20P 500x1000D Cordura

67N / 33P 210D Nylon

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