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​The Triad Sling [TS] is the rebirth of a camera sling. Based on a plethora of pre-existing shoulder straps, the TS is
made to serve as a camera sling but provides other carrying solutions to its user. The TS has 3 carrying styles, over
the neck / cross the body / the harness. The sling has 3 points of adjustments to suit the user’s comfort and preferred execution.

All products are either handmade / solo production/ micro production and considered experimental. Any imperfections are intended. 

Designed by : Chrisjsw

Sewn by : Chrisjsw



  _1 inch Barry Compliant Mil Spec webbing

  _Aluminum hardware

  _Polymer Webbing keeper

  _Peak Design Anchor links (includes 3 + 2 extra)

  _Sling supports up to 200lbs



_Olive Drab / Olive Green /Silver Alu / Black

_Black / Black Alu


1: Less than 5′6 ft or 160lbs
        Min length: 98 cm
        Max length: 132cm

2: Greater than 5′6 ft or 160lbs
        Min length: 116cm

        Max length: 154cm


_3 point webbing adjustment

_quick release camera anchors

_Three point sling

_3 main styles of carry


Nylon Webbing


_Black/ OliveGreen

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