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Totes are everywhere and largely the same—a simple rectangular shape with a graphic or two and a couple shoulder straps.  Compared to the standard, everyday tote, the Evolved Tote is several cuts above in terms of design and function

Per the Platonic Ideal, we also wanted a “perfect” tote.  This includes an extended strap which lets you set the Adapt Tote to a length comfortable to you.  The Adapt Tote is familiar enough that everyone can understand it’s a tote while also understanding at first sight that it’s not just a basic tote that can be bought at a gift shop on a whim.

In terms of innovation, the main characteristic with the Adapt Tote is the lack of swinging while walking.  The bag is designed to stay with you, which helps to minimize both the bag simply flying and crashing into you if you have heavy objects and to prevent fraying your jacket and shirt.  While anatomically designed clothes are somewhat popular, nobody makes bags that are anatomical.  The Adapt Tote moulds to your body in order to prevent discomfort whether walking, standing, twisting, or simply reaching to get an item.

The pleats have two purposes.  First, they exist to help expand the bag so that more items can be stored without compromising structural integrity.  Second, and mostly for fun, the pleats remind us of dumplings.


  • 5.9 oz Dyneema

  • 150 Denier

  • Weight: 12 oz


  • 19L


  • 20 x 14 x 5 Inches


  • Facing Textile: Black 

  • Backing: Grey 


  • Pleated Base Articulation

  • Adapted for Round Objects

  • Conforms to Your Body

  • Dual Holster Pocket

  • Magnetic Top Cinch

  • Dual Strap Adjustment

  • Left/Right Shoulder Carry

  • Tension Adjusting Toggle

  • Rounded Bottom Corner Finish


  • Due to the nature of the textile wrinkles will form naturally through use and age based on user experience.

Designed & Sewn by: ChrisJSW

Release: 10/21/2022

Price: 420 USD

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