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Coded is the brainchild of ChrisJSW. Despite starting as a self-taught graphic designer, he soon moved into the fashion space in order to conceptualize and create apparel and accessories specifically for him.


Coded originally stood for Cut, Organize, Develop, Execute, Demonstrate.  This philosophy came from my work and thought process and a self-taught graphics designer.  This same school of thought and creation continues as I've turned to product design.

Products should always evolve and express themselves in a manner which transcends time and style.  This does not mean something timeless, but rather, something that is outside of consumeristic trends and seasonal fashion.

Coded exists to connect with people.   However, how does this connection happen? This could be anywhere from enjoying the design philosophy to simply liking the aesthetic.  Coded is meant to have a personal connection with each individual; how this connection occurs is meant to vary from person to person and there is no right or wrong answer.

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