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The Origin T represents the ethos of _Coded via an artistic take on linguistic symbolism. This shirt utilizes highly stylized forms of three writing systems: the Alphabet, Braille, and Morse Code. Ultimately though, while each aspect might be easily seen, the artistic license and hybridization of these systems are what truly make this a proper _Coded t-shirt.


Language, as with all forms of communication, is rife with error and high levels of complexity. By combining three different writing systems, we hope to convey this message. Furthermore, to some, this design may simply be that: a design. Others will see how “CODED” is spelled out in three manners. This is also intentional; by combining design with our name, we create a way that our brand can be interpreted in multiple ways.


TL;DR: _Coded made a logo tee in typical _Coded fashion. Design? Language? Both? You decide.

All products are either handmade / solo production/ micro production and considered experimental. Any imperfections are intended. 


  • 100% Cotton

  • 250 GSM Heavy Weight Cotton

  • Heavy Weight Rib collar

  • Cotton Spun in Canada

  • Prewashed

  • High abrasion resistance (as a cotton)

  • Tested and worn during inline skating and bouldering outdoors

Size Chart:

1 A: 61.5  B: 48.5 cm

2 A: 63.5  B: 53.5 cm

3 A: 66.5  B: 56.5 cm

4 A: 79.5  B: 59.5 cm

5 A: 72.5  B: 62.5 cm

  • Refer to the diagram below to properly measure your size


  • _Coded logo

  • Embroidery

Logo designed by: Raquel Peixoto aka crnium

Embroidery: USA

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