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The Load_Out was designed to do much more and it is 3x more advanced than the Side-arm in capacity, arrangement, and versatility. The Load_Out still carries on the execution and versatility elements that is embedded in the Sidearm. Meant to be used as a pack to carry every essential EDC at your disposal.


Re-conceptualizes the idea, use, and philosophy of Sidearm’s design. The LoadOut has multiple unique features and details that may be useful and derivative from objects such as gun magazines, vending machine, med kits, wallet, and tool holster. The bag contains 2 small openings that allow you to route and connect an external charger to your phone in its own space. ​The Load Out can also be worn 3 or 4 distinct ways, all based on your needs and use case.


Full Detail: HERE



_Material/Color: ODG_RNG_GRN:X50 Tactical




_2 way_main_access

_ L:23 x W:1- 11.5[ Max] x H:12cm

_Weight: Dyneema Model: 8.5oz

                           XPAC Model: 9.5oz

XPAC Material Guide / Details Here