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SIDEARM 2.0 BLK_BLK_RD Dyneema 5oz

_Coded//SideArm 2

The Sidearm 2.0 is a re-visualization , reconstruction and redesign of it's 1.0 predecessor. Now with upgraded versatility and carrying capacity.

Re-conceptualizes the idea, use, and philosophy of a wallet. ​A suspended wallet floating on your waist or pack, to be worn over your shoulder and to be used as modular pack. (straps removeable and anchored by slotted loops)


Full Detail : HERE

SIDEARM 2.0 BLK_BLK_RD Dyneema 5oz


ODG_BLK_BLK: Dyneema 5oz





Weight: 9oz

Size:_H:13 x L:19cm x W:3.5cm

ODG_RNGGRN: Dyneema 5oz

Dyneema Material Guide / Details Here



-3 Pocket

-Height and Width Increase

- Sleek visual appearance

-Gusseted bottom finish for bulk

-Fits: Majority of current phone models

-Re-adapted Anchor point for balance

-Over shoulder sling added